• ANNAF (Vergnolle Anna)

    Don`t Worry, Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin

    Art is a garantee of sanity- Louise Bourgeois

    partial view John baldessari

    Who ever controls the media, controls the mind- J. Morrison

    I will not make any more boring art– J. Baldessari

        On 31 December 2019, the WHO China Country Office was informed of cases of pneumonia unknown etiology (unknown cause) detected in Wuhan City, China. From January 1, every day, I stamp a sheet of white paper using blood red paint. Each day passing, I work on a new sheet, and apply one stamp for each day since the beginning of the epidemic. On day 88, I have 88 sheets, the first one with only one stamp, second one with two stamps... and the last one (today) with 88 stamps. By additional the stamps, I made 3916 stamps from the beginning. A vidéo is compiling all my paintings. Situating the present in time is the same as situating our own consciousness in existence. The elusive present would simply be materialized by the blood red circle stamped. An immersive installation appear... I'll try to continue each day this work, until the end of the épidemic or until I'can't do it in 24h of my poor day life.

    WHFF (We Have Fucking Fear)  paintings  red acrylic paint on 88 white A4 sheet
    88 sheets on 28/03/2020 (one more each day from the 31/12/2019) (work in progress)  21x29,7 cm each

        To name or to count is not to freeze. Naming or counting something doesn't make it stop evolving, changing, it made me wonder : how do you connect telling and doing ? And how remember ? I started with “manifest-formulas” from works named "I have nothing to say and” (partial quote of John Cage, and the name of the series). This serie of paintings develop a sort of writing activity: the paintings are produced using a not explained code. I try to make different worlds and styles collide. During this troubled period, I choose several quotes from different artists because they refer to ideas of understanding (or misunderstanding) of the visual, of the réality or simply it's my affect of the actual situation...

    I will not make any more boring art– J. Baldessari  paintings  acrylic on canson's sheet  50x50cm

    Art is a garantee of sanity- Louise Bourgeois  paintings  acrylic on canson's sheet  50x50cm

    Who ever controls the media, controls the mind- J. Morrison  paintings  acrylic on canson's sheet  50x50cm

    Don't Worry, Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin  paintings  acrylic on canson's sheet  50x50cm

        I Live and work on Réunion Island, a french oversea island in Indian Ocean. I am working with different mediums (painting, drawing, volume, photo, video, art installation ...). I developp poetry around pre-existing shape, originating from nature, architecture or science, characterized with tenuous aesthetic and language poetry. I use and play with writing, translating notions and diverses semantic worlds (from populous to academic). Memory and the process of transformation through time is central in my work. Reunion Island, a former French overseas colony, influenced my work greatly. I seek a «topoesia», a poetic topographic representation. Public collections in Reunion Island already display my work : FRAC, Artothèque and St Pierre's Museum. "Mikado" is an award winning sculture for the roundabout G. Brassens in Saint Denis.