• Gabriela Drees-Holz


    Game is over


    As a so-called risk person, I lived in strict isolation in my Art House Dreho ( Kunsthaus Dreho)

    My work reflects my personal experience of the corona pandemic: disturbance, fear, decay, isolation, reflection on myself, thinking about "sins" of humanity and -very important- about HOPE.
    Art During the Lockdown  Video  

    Mankind has lived far beyond its means, has massively damaged the environment for its own profit or its own festival.
    Now mankind is forced to take off her party dress, half is already hanging over the standardized fields:
    Is humanity even being beheaded?
    Nature is growing again over the wickedness of mankind, taking everything back.
    Game is Over  Textil Art  120x90
    Here I present the virus Covid 19 in all penetrating and threatening fabric snakes. I see parallels in their silent meandering and often deadly poison.
    Penetration    Metal  110x100x60

    Gabriela Drees-Holz 
    Born 1955 Cali, German, first studies: German studies, Geography, Romance studies, 37 years teaching, 2 children, art studies in Bonn (2008-12), international exhibition activities since 2002 (Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Barcelona, Zurich, London, New York) Developing and managing the Kunsthaus Dreho, Korschenbroich)