• Simone Betz

    Coronagold I

    Coronagold II

    Coronagold III



    As people are getting crazy during the Coronacrisis, and hoarding toiletpaper, disinfectant or pasta these
    everyday essentials become highly valuable - they become the gold of 2020.


    Simone Betz, the heart and soul behind ROVA FineArt, is a fine arts photographer specializing in digital and analogue surreal portraiture.
    Philosophically, Simone approaches her work through the Buddhist concept that all life is in a state of flux even something seemingly motionless is in a state of change. The stillness in each of Simone’s pieces shows a deeper movement of inner life. She works to touch the people. She photographs, helping them discover their own story and become more empowered. With Simone, photography isn’t simply an image, but a transformative process.