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    Since its inception, the "Coantivirus" International Online Art Exhibition has received echoes from many artists, art institutions, art schools, medias, and companies of the world. The connection of "empathy" has enabled the completeness and enrichment of "Coantivirus".

    One of the original intentions of " Coantivirus " is that under the pandemic situation, each expression will cross over forms and nationalities, gather here, connects with each other and blooms freely.
    Our strategic partner, the Faculty of Contemporary Arts is one of the active participants and supporters of "Coantivirus".

    During the pandemic, China and Serbia worked closely together to help each other.
    The rapid response and strong support of the Faculty of Contemporary Arts since the beginning of "Coantivirus", is also a spontaneous action that connects the two nations by art.
    In this article, we will show you the artworks created by professors of the Faculty of Contemporary Art, and the article written by Dr. Dragan Ćalović for "Coantivirus" --- "EXHIBITION THAT CONNECT US”.

    Leading Scholar of "Coantivirus" Online Exhibition

    Faculty of contemporary arts is a unique faculty of performing and applied arts located in a peaceful part of Belgrade.
    That makes it a part of the group of the region’s top-quality educational institutions backed by Comtrade and LINK group – leaders in contemporary education.
    It was founded in 1997 as the first private faculty of arts in these parts; it has formed a great number of successful and renowned artists, known not only in the region, but also in the world’s preeminent art centers.
    Website: www.fsu.edu.rs/en/eng/

    Artworks of Serbian Artists

    Professor Dragan Ćalović, PhD


    Artist: Professor Saša Filipović, PhD

    SONAR 01

    SONAR 2

    Artist: Professor Đorđe Stanojević, PhD

     Matching outfit pattern

    Artist: Nadica Djordjevic

    Calm thought

    Artist: Saula Mile



    Artist: Professor Ružica Bajić Sinkević


    Professor Dragan Ćalović PhD

    Dragan Ćalović (Belgrade, Serbia) was born in 1976. He is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts (LINK eduGroup) and at the Faculty of Philology (University of Belgrade). He teaches Contemporary Theories of Art, Theory of New Media, Spatial Theories and Islamic Art. He is also a Vice-Dean for international cooperation at the Faculty of Contemporary Arts. He was graduated from Faculty of Arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine arts, and from Faculty of Philology with a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic language and culture in 2006. In 2005 he was graduated from University of Arts in Belgrade, Interdisciplinary studies with a Master’s degree in Theory of arts and media. Dragan Ćalović obtained his PhD in Science of arts at the University of Arts in Belgrade, in 2008. His main research interest remains in the field of contemporary art, digital art and new media.


    Dragan Ćalović is a member of the Croatian Philosophical Society since 2011, and the Aesthetic Society of Serbia since 2008.


    He has published 4 monographs and over 70 papers in scientific journals. Dragan Ćalović was participated in more than 150 workshops, international and national conferences and scientific meetings. He has experience in project management as well as in international academic work. He participates in two scientific projects, one national - sponsored by Ministry of Science of the Republic of Serbia, and other international – sponsored by Polish Agency for Academic Exchange. As a visual artist, Dragan Ćalović has participated in many national and international art exhibitions.



    Dragan Ćalović

    The preceding months, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, left no one indifferent. Tragic occurrences have forced us to act, to reinvent our daily lives and to find the strength to fight. The Coantivirus International Online Art Exhibition is a good example of how artists and institutions can come together to raise a voice in support of planetary attempts to fight against the illness and to protect life. Battle against pandemic is not just a medical question, but also a cultural one. It is a question of connectivity, mutual understanding and selfless support. Art was always a powerful force able to connect people and to help them to overcome differences and opposite aspirations. Once again, through initiatives like this, we turn to art in our search for connectivity and for a new understanding of community.

    Recent circumstances urged our need to rethink art connectivity and to imagine a new cultural space that can encourage community members to overcome old prejudices, and to find their vision of a better world. The post COVID-19 world will not be the same, so we have to act to define our future. One of acting mechanisms is to motivate artists, researchers, students and public to come together to recreate, reconstruct and to reform cultural space through compassion and mutual understanding.
    Reviving the ideas of a better world was always among the central artistic intentions. Art not only makes this world a better place, but is also a powerful force able to bring visions to local community members and to initiate their involvement in social reconstruction. Different art projects can inspire local community members to build stronger connections between them, and help them to define visions of a better society. Cooperation in artistic work can gather heterogeneous public and inspire them to become more active, more involved in social reality. Art can also improve our ability to conceptualize a vision of development in a more humanistic, more inclusive manner.

    Cultural initiatives are crucial for triggering social actions which can reconstruct cultural context on a global level, to change perception of development and to inspire people to be rather cooperative than competitive. Art and cultural institutions should motivate people to reconstruct the society so it can better serve the interests of all groups, and to create culture which not only merge different needs but also support its understanding. Our humanistic task is to develop culture for mutual understanding and support.

    Local cultural initiatives, based on humanistic values, are the most honest catalyst for global changes. Local actions can initiate bonding of communities on a global level and to bring regeneration of a mutual understanding and connectivity. If we open our hearts, we will find solutions for trans-cultural needs and responses to injustice. By recognizing the art as a closely connected to community life we reveal a new dimension of cultural development. Since true development is always the humanistic one, we shall connect ourselves for cooperation and mutual support. We have to merge our visions, our creative expressions and our knowledge to find a more successful solutions for challenges we all face with, and to find answers for current and future social needs and humanistic demands.

    Art and culture have the ability to create a new bridges among people and to strengthen mutual understanding and compassion. An artist’s vision can create a new possibilities for communal growth. It can be a driving force for overcoming prejudices, exclusion and oppressive behavior. Hence, merging visions of a better world is our humanistic task. Our duty is to provoke positive recognition of different local attempts in providing a better world, as well as to frame such initiatives as a unique humanistic movement.


    These days many people are afraid, but some kind of consolation in this and similar situation in the future, can be find in an idea of global community that leaves no one alone and unprotected. We have to keep in mind that we all share this world, as well as we share our fears, challenges and our dreams. Through art we make webs that connect us at the deepest humanistic level and through which we can avoid isolation, loneliness and despair.


    Special thanks

    Faculty of Contemporary Art
    Belgrade, Serbia


    Initiator: Nongyuan International Art Village

    Organizer: NY20+ ,WE NEED ART(France)

    Implementation unit: Chengdu Nongyuan Culture and Art Promotion Co., Ltd.

    Special Partner:HEYTEA


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